Slim Aarons 'Boating in Antigua' photographic print

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'Boating in Antigua’ was taken by famous photographer, Slim Aarons, in 1961. American actor Hugh O'Brian (left) hoists the sail on a dinghy, in Antigua, West Indies.

The photographs are printed and authorised by the Getty Images Gallery, London. Each print is numbered and estate stamped, and comes with an authenticity certificate. 

The Slim Aarons' photographic prints are produced from the original negative and developed in the Getty Images Gallery in London. They are printed on a traditional photographic paper (Fuji Crystal Archive Matt Finish) with colour C-Type Lambda. This process offers a continuous tone delivering beautifully vibrant and clear colours. 

The total size for UNFRAMED prints are as follows: 
Size C   406mm square
Size D   508mm square
Size E   610mm square
Size F   762mm square
Size G  1016mm square

Slim Aarons stock may vary, many will have to be custom printed, so please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

This print has been hand-selected from Slim Aarons' classic collection. Hundreds more prints are available for purchase, if there is a specific image you are interested in please contact us for availability.

George “Slim” Aarons worked mainly for society publications, travelling the world taking pictures of the rich and famous, both before and after serving as a photographer for the US military magazine, during World War II. From Hollywood and Palm Springs to dazzling beaches and everywhere in between, his photographs are a window to a bygone world of luxury, power and beauty – and a ticket to the rolling party to which Slim was uniquely invited. Slim’s photographs preserve a lifestyle now all but lost – one of style and grace populated by beautiful people.





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