Reindeer hide

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Reindeer hides have a thick dense pile so are luxurious to touch. These beautiful reindeer hides are each unique in colouring and markings, and no two hides are the same (pictures shown on this page are examples only).

The reindeer hides are all varying sizes as they are a natural hide but the size is approximately 70-80cm wide x 90-110cm long.

Reindeer hair is hollow and therefore more delicate than sheepskin or cowhides. Although they look like they are just perfect for the floor in front of a roaring fire, they really aren't able to cope with the intense heat and this will quickly dry out your reindeer. We recommend you use your Reindeer Hide for decorative purposes, such as draped over the back of a couch, armchair, or laid on a bed. Alternatively the skin can be put under a coffee table where it is not going to be walked on. 

Please Note: In Scandinavia, the reindeer's roam free and is tradition, are eventually sought for food. The hide is a by-product and completes the sustainable recycling process.

Please contact us for photos of the current reindeer hides we have in stock.




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