Reclaimed olive wood bowl small

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Sourced from Kenya’s Rift Valley, these gorgeous small bowls are crafted from wood that has been reclaimed from abandoned stumps of wild olive trees that have been cut down to make room for local farmland.

Instead of going to waste, the stumps and roots are dug up to clear the land to provide suitable conditions for planting crops. The stumps and roots are then re-purposed by a small Kenyan based team who saw the potential in the wood and couldn’t let it go to waste. The stumps are dried for 2-3 years, before it is re-purposed into beautifully crafted homeware pieces and furniture.

The unique grain, rich colour and texture of the olive wood stumps make these items one of a kind. The bowl comes very simply but beautifully packaged in a box.

Dimensions: 19cm diameter x 5cm high

Hand wash only.  Polish with a food grade mineral oil if required. 



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