We wanted to share with you some of the lovely feedback we have received
about our products, website and service:

Dear Green With Envy Team,
I spied one of your products in the Living insert which came with one of the weekend papers. I tore out the page it appeared on with a view to looking up your website when I had time. On waking up this morning (and before I started work) I thought "I need something to cheer me upfirst!". So, I have just spent about 20 minutes looking at all of the product on your website.
I just wanted to email and tell you how delighted I was to see such a playful array of products for inside and outside the home. I am totally going to find a spot for the tyre swing and several of the aqua birdhouses (which were what caught my eye in the first place!). My friends willnot have to be "green with envy" because I will direct them immediately to your website.

Wow thanks for being so helpful, I really appreciate it:) 

Now I've found your website I can't keep out of it!  Thank you for your really efficient service. 
Margaret Reedy


Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I really love your website! It has to be one of the most user friendly, straight forward sites I have ever visited, well done! Your products are just beautiful too!
Kelly Flux

Thanks a lot, and good luck with your business. I love your website and will be telling my friends about it!

Love the site, love the service!
Paula Drew

Thank you somuch for finding that out for me. It is greatly appreciated. Your customer service is tops!

I love your website and products it is so hard to find these sort of items in NZ. Thereare a few brands which I used to buy in the UK but they wont deliver over here.
Dorothy Dickson

Hi thanks for yourspeedy response. Great service thanks, I will place an order for the first box . If I am happy that the boxes will work for me I'd really like two more so please email me once you get these into stock. Much appreciated thanks!
Del Hart


Parcelreceived this morning thank you!!! have a great week....and I am sure I will be ordering off you again in thefuture......




Thanks Nicole that is certainly going the extra mile - what great service!
Susan McIntyre

Excellent thanksfor great service
Andrea Wylie