Fair Trade soapstone bowl medium

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This beautiful handmade bowl is made from Kisii soapstone, mined from family owned quarries in Western Kenya, and made within a fair trade environment.

Each bowl is individually handcrafted from large chunks of soapstone taken from the quarries. No machinery is used, the carvers work with no more than a machete, some hand chisels and knives. The natural minerals found in soapstone, create unique characteristics in each piece. No two pieces are ever exactly the same, they are completely different in appearance and colour.

Communities within Kenya have been using soapstone for generations, for many families, the carvings are their primary source of income. Skills are passed down within families, some reaching three generations of carvers.

The bowl comes very simply but beautifully packaged in a box. Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: 34cm diameter x 5cm high 




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