Welcome to Green with Envy
an award-winning homeware + lifestyle store

At Green with Envy, we search the globe for covetable pieces that bring style and simplicity to your home. Our store offers an inspiring space, full of carefully collected and curated homewares, linens, furniture and clothing.

We love classic, timeless products designed to be used in our everyday lives, and enjoyed for years to come. 

In 2010, Green with Envy was launched as an online store, soon after we converted a rustic country barn on Matakana Road, into our current store. 


Our store caught the attention of the judges at the International Homewares Association Global Innovation Awards (GIA) in Chicago. In 2017, Green with Envy was named one of five Global Honorees for Retail Excellence.

The judges praised our beautifully curated collection of homewares, and the attention to detail that elevates a simple transaction into a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience.